Let’s Get Ready to Rumble ±

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Let's Get Ready to Rumble ±

Published on 11th September 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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* * 20170525 – UPDATES NOW IN PROGRESS * *

writing and tidying up text



Regularisation Process already Underway

Forensic Accounting and Audit

20170425 ACCOUNTING REQUIREMENTS V5 This is the slightly modified RFP and has further information on entities and specific procedures. I have had a...

E-mail Addresses

The e-mail addresses for general communication have been advised by well over 1 million e-mails as well as public notices on Social Media and via other mediums. The procedure of obtaining access has also been provided repeatedly.

Methods of Service

There have been various factors beyond my/our control which have Perverted the Course of Justice in various judicial proceedings in multiple jurisdictions. As such the risk of further issues has to be completely reduced.

In view of the same, Process of Service needs to be undertaken in an interactive manner in which it is clear to all parties that service has been effected properly and validly.

Full instructions will be provided shortly, but acceptable means are as follows:-

[DRAFT] Personal Service – is accepted. The server would need to provide valid photo identification and I would provide the same. The documents would then be handed to me. However in Sri Lanka this will not be possible due to the personal safety issues that have been created by third parties.

[SKYPE] Service – this is accepted, and needs to be effected in a certain manner involving a video conference call that is recorded. [add id + upload still writing this][DRAFT] E-mail Service – this not accepted at generic addresses due to the proliferation of malware as well the sheer volume of e-mail. However we are trialling a new system which will go live on 13 June 2017 in which parties will be provided with a specific e-mail address for service of their matter only. Service to the custom e-mail address is accepted.

For a party who would like to serve documents on I and/or any entity, these are the following steps:-

(a) the actual litigant or their lawyer ONLY has to complete a form, referencing the case number and a few other items such as the size of the file. Only colour, legible pdfs will be accepted. 

(b) the form will be processed within 10 days and you will receive a confirmation e-mail

(c) the e-mail at (b) will provide you with a custom e-mail address for you to e-mail your document together to together with an additional url for you to upload the pdf.

(d) within 24hrs if your upload you will be required to call a specific number and during that call you will informed that your document has been received and then a copy of that recording and a further confirmation will be e-mailed to you.

The pdf MUST be colour and scanned at 300dpi minimum. Any court stamps and signatures but be clearly visible. Publicly veriable digital certificates should be used whenever possible

Service will be rejected if there are any deficiencies in the document or the procedure and correspondence will not be entered into. However you are free to try again and the procedures must be adhered to.

Attorney – service is accepted at any of the attorneys if they appear on the record for a specific matter. If service to an attorney is required, then this can be considered in the interests of expediency and natural justice – a written request by e-mail will need to be made. Remember to complete the general e-mail access form first.


‘When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Suing’ – JSRDS

Just a quick update so everyone knows that conflicts against a significant number of parties in GB/AU/SG/LK have now been cleared and litigation strategies are being finalised over the next two weeks or so.

My new attorneys are of much higher class than the previous ones, and the obvious difference is that they are ‘Thick-skinned’ rather than ‘Thick’ 🙂

Additionally information as to the new procedures, authorisations and terms relating to accepted methods for process of service will appear here on 22 May 2017.

Unfortunately there is simply too much corruption in Sri Lanka (and the evidentiary chain is obviously destroyed for jurisdictions that Sri Lankans can get visa on arrival such as Bahamas and Singapore)

Sri Lanka becomes more corrupt

The most comprehensive account yet assembled of the human rights abuses associated with CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations....

which has already facilitated Perversion of the Course of Justice in judicial proceedings in SG AU and GB – those issues will be addressed in no uncertain terms 🙂

And finally information in relation to settling outstanding matters by the purchasing of debts/re-assignment via non-associated UK entities to ensure that Fraudulent Conveyance and Unlawful Preference are not the next Injurious Falsehoods that the Melbourne Fraudsters propagate, will also be made available on 22 May 2017.

Ahead of that please provide any settlement figure including agreed/statutory interest calculated to 30 June 2017.

“Use [email protected] for matters of a financial nature and [email protected] for legal issues. Contractors are responsible for handling e-mail and there are specific terms that need to be accepted first otherwise your e-mails will be rejected automatically at server level.

You may apply for access to the e-mail system using https://secureform.luxsci.com/forms/16808/7779/Bh7B/form.html .”

[The previous url was notified previously from July/August 2016 onwards and worked fine apart for around 5 days in March 2017.]

Remember if parties CHOOSE not to accept the e-mail terms, then they cannot then complain about inability to communicate when their e-mails are automatically rejected at server level, or they somehow infer that I am ‘hiding’ or being ‘evasive’ – that old chestnut which has never been true and is obviously not my personality type.

And furthermore, whilst the e-mail terms confirm that the actual service of legal process is not accepted by e-mail, there is nothing in the terms that prevents any party who has accepted terms and has been approved, SIMPLY ASKING how service may be effected 🙂

Depending upon that answer they could legitimately obtain substituted service – unfortunately they prefer to run the usual themes (to their obvious detriment) and then get others to join the cabal to somehow legitimise their flawed position.

There has been at least one fraudulently-obtained order for substituted service that I have seen and I will shortly present that classic example from (you’ve guessed it) the Melbourne Fraudsters 🙂

As such, make the e-mail access application sooner rather than later as there are thousands of e-mails which the servers process daily, and delays are also due to human resources which have already been referenced. Processing time is typically a few weeks and parties have been able to do this since July 2016 but have chosen not to for some reason…

In any event, simply reading all the articles on LinkedIn that I have written will explain why an incredibly hostile situation has been created by various parties, who have to date pushed their frauds one hell of a distance…

If there is an article about my data traffic going to Slough, UK and I am concurrently talking about my data being hacked, then it is really not rocket science:-

(a) at least one party associated with the issues is UK-based;

(b) how ‘apparent delays’ my end are obviously not attributable to me; and

(c) more importantly how those parties have created their own estoppels…

However with the new hardcore lawyers, their luck just ran out 🙂

20160911 INITIAL

As we resume commercial operations we need to address a few different matters arising in particular parts of the world, as inaction in relation to them compounds our ability to function commercially when other parties feed off them.

One issue is of course Injurious Falsehoods and Tortious Interference, which seems to be the all-pervading force that joins everyone together, and that everything else seems to feed off. And fraudulently obtained judgements in which the Australian courts choose to ignore inchoate agreements in relation to promissory notes invalidated by the holder.

After an emergency operation in Singapore in 2011 which cost around SGD 28,000 and a heart attack in 2013, I have found things markedly difficult. More importantly I was forced to rely on various lawyers in Australia/Singapore/Sri Lanka who were just not that good and any semblance of duty of care was absent – errors, omissions and negligence were the overarching issues. They also fail to see a connection between negligence and disputed fees 🙂

In Asia, there is a greater propensity for individuals to align themselves with the ‘majority themes’ and make decisions based on [emotional] opinion rather than fact. ‘Analogy regularly trumps intuition’ and corruption is rife. Only small amounts of money need to be used for bribes, and documentation going missing from court cases (and my house) in Sri Lanka is commonplace.

After the crime has been committed against me they then justify why it was acceptable. Probable Cause is similar – there is no probable cause and people will just do what they want. Handling stolen information occurs all the time, and then many months later they will fabricate some reason or evidentiary chain to justify their prior course of action and fudge the dates!

One of the reasons that this occurs is that life is tough for the majority of people, so ‘self-discipline is sidelined for survival’ – JSRDS.


Tier 1 Law firms

However there were excellent firms too from which copious amounts of work was provided and not even a modicum of failure – Clifford Chance in Hong Kong is a good example. They taught me about asset protection mechanisms, licensing agreements and intellectual property.

I have had numerous plans to transfer considerable assets to the UK, but I have been continually thwarted at every attempt, because our resolving issues does not fit with the way that I am being portrayed as a fugitive or a fraud :). In fact I should have already been back in the UK by the early part of 2016 but being stuck here with fools and health issues annoys me every minute of every day.

The primary deficiency in thought processes is the continual exhibition of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, which essentially states that when someone is not that competent, their ability to correctly gauge competence itself, is flawed.

As an interesting corollary which I exhibit, is when people are quite bright, they cannot understand why others have difficulty undertaking tasks which they regard as straightforward. This continually frustrates me which is why I want to engage with the best again.

Often when I am writing documents I leave out obvious points and some of these foolish lawyers then feel that the material is deficient. And often they are too proud/obstinate to state that they do not know, or to say ‘Joe you’re right’ 🙂

The Way Forward

So with a view to setting a robust foundation, we are proposing the following:-

(a) We would like to engage a few Tier 1 Law Firms and/or Specialists to handle our various matters. They are complex in nature and unusual, so would be interesting too;

(b) We would be pleased to prepay all amounts, in mutually-acceptable tranches, to allay the fears that various tortfeasors are propagating;

(c) We would provide succinct and timely instructions;

(d) Time is of the essence in all aspects, work product, communications, prepayments 🙂

During the course of this week I will be in touch, so look forward to speaking with you then!

As usual, if there are outstanding issues that need resolution, then let us know rather than complaining to third parties. This seems to be another problem – in which people in Asia manipulate others or explain things in parables – rather than favouring the direct approach which we highflyers are used to in Western culture 🙂


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM